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This year nine Grand Strand Courses were named to America's Top 100 Greatest Courses in Golf Digest and The Myrtle Beach National Golf Association gave you, the golfers, the opportunity to pick your favorites. Here at the Myrtle Beach Golf Insider we would like to introduce you to these "Player's Top Choice Award's Courses". Some of them are in the Golf Digest top greatest and others are not but they are all among your favorites along with locations and a few of the many reasons why.

At this time due to the abundance of great golf courses in Myrtle Beach it stands out as being the "Golf Capital of the World", self proclaimed or not. We are positive that even if you have played a number of the courses there are still more than a few to catch your eye here. If you've never played golf in Myrtle Beach than come and see for your self what you are missing. Check out the Myrtle Beach Golf Packages available from the Myrtle Beach Resort.

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The courses, on this site, are categorized by Myrtle Beach, the Grand Strand, and the Myrtle Beach Area with information that is meant to give you a feel for each course itself. It is a mini tour from the South, that includes Litchfield and Pawleys Island, all the way North to Conway SC and Ocean Isle NC.

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